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Black Opal
She's Filming is currently developing Black Opal a comedy/drama TV show. Black Opal fuses innovative art, fashion, fun and friendship as the characters explore engaging topics such as complex romantic and family relations, LGBTQ identity, sexism in the workplace, and the struggles of being an artist.  The show delivers a compelling portrayal of a new age of multiculturalism and global citizenship by dismantling stereotypes. The show promotes global sisterhood and highlights the worldwide connections of people of color, and how their stories can be told with both grace and humor.
Black Opal

Logline: A traumatic tumble during NYC fashion week drives an ambitious plus size supermodel to

Johannesburg to reinvent herself. She experiences cultural clashes and life changing sisterhood with her three closest friends, all while trying to find the love of her life, as they embark on a mission to build a global fashion empire.


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